TruckSim Map v 4.5.6

Euro Truck Simulator 2 mods

TruckSim Map v 4.5.6

Author’s description ( Google translation ) :
In order to play this version of the map , at least version 1.8.xx is required!
Anyone who has played 1.8.hh patch , you can continue to play without any problems the old card ( In particular, all (! ) Parts map ) to go out, and four new parts inside. The map should with and without DLC work .
But beware (!) : Before the game entails profile and edit new fashion to be included! Otherwise , you land on a standard map in nirvana.

We pitched our mod and divided into four separate packages.
- TSM Map_4_5_def & mat.scs
- TSM Map_4_5_map.scs
- TSM Map_4_5_model.scs
- TSM Map_4_5_prefab & more.scs ( Four pieces are displayed in the log with ” 4.5.0 ” . )

Compared with all versions 4.1.0/4.1.1/4.1.2a Modteilen changes were made , you need all four parts are replaced in your unit !
Separation mods has the advantage that released in the future fixed ( ! ) Card then easier may be exchanged.

Changes in version 4.5.5 and :
Errors have been corrected , added a few sites and villages Hermes Cross. There is a new town on the northern coast of Spain (Bilbao ) and mix in Valladolid . Note: Route to Valladolid can get into its present form in later expansion of Spain to the victim, or be completely changed. Bordeaux was added to another company ( the quarry ) .

Changes in version 4.5.6 :
This version TruckSim Map 4.5.6 corrects errors identified versions 4.5.5 and 4.5.5a, and fixing them . Warning: This version of the card requires at least patch version 1.8.xx!

SCS Software fur die GrundMap mit allem Drum und Dran.
50keda fur die neuen Firmen Sellplan und Kaarfor.
FLD / TZ fur die neuen Prefabs und Modelle (darf nicht zur freien Verwendung genutzt werden!)
kamaz fur Schilder
Reislord fur Schilder
valera_t fur verschiedene Mapmodelle
satan1990 fur die hervorragenden Mapmodelle
Konigszapfen fur die Bilder
2X2 fur die neuen Autokennzeichen

Test version

If you ‘re playing on the map TruckSim Map 4.5.h :
1. Win a flight .
2 . Replace the existing folder mod files :
- TSM-Map_4_5_def & mat.scs
- TSM-Map_4_5_map.scs
- TSM-Map_4_5_model.scs
- TSM-Map_4_5_prefab & more.scs
the corresponding files from the downloaded archive .
3 . Delete old files .
4 . Restart the game .
If you are installing the card for the first time :
1. Copy the four files format scs. from the downloaded archive on the way My Documents / Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod
2 . Create a new profile .
3 . Activate the files in the profile….

Credits: Thomas@TSM

Download: TruckSim Map v 4.5.6 []
Download: TruckSim Map v 4.5.6 []

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