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Welcome to our website. The services and/or products are offered by the site Mods ETS2 in the form of this term represented only by site, blog, responsible and owner of the intellectual property, with the address https://modsets2.com/. our site is a sharing platform, all images, videos and information are taken from the web itself, we only make sure to improve the quality and presentation of the same.

The stay on the website automatically implies the implied acceptance of the following terms of use.

1. From Object
This mod sharing platform has as its purpose the use of the website with the content of the Internet itself, for different purposes, always aimed at information and knowledge of the user. The site provides information and content of high quality, made by the team Mods BR, with a function only informative and entertaining.

It is highlighted that we are not responsible for the misuse of this information, and that our website will do its utmost to keep all data up to date, however some article may contain some information that does not reflect the truth at the moment.

2. Acceptance
The present document “Terms and Conditions of Use” applicable to the use of the site/blog, created by Lawyer Diego Castro and modified for use on this site, specifies that the user before accessing the site read carefully and review the terms present, as it establishes obligations contracted of free and spontaneous will for an indefinite period between all users or visitors to the site, or blog.

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The Site reserves the right to update the terms of use periodically, without notice, and may therefore be subject to updates or modifications.

3. The access of users
In some days or hours access to the page may be interrupted, restricted or suspended due to modifications, updates or similar actions that are necessary to improve performance and access to users and the owner.

The website and any service offered by the site may only be made available to you if you fully agree to the applicable law and to this terms of use.

4. General Prohibitions
In relation to your USE, you agree NOT to:

1 – Violate any privacy or intellectual property rights, including, without limitation, patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets of third parties, including (physical or legal name) and their partners/affiliates.

2 – Violate any of the applicable rules, laws or regulations, export legislation, anti-discrimination laws.

3 – Publish, store, upload, copy any material that:

(a) It is considered illegal, defamatory, offensive, misleading, harmful, threatening, fraudulent, embarrassing or obscene;

B) interfere in any way with the normal operations and use of the site, such as publishing or transmitting virus files, spams, chain letters, franchises or something similar;

(d) Violate confidentiality;

E) compel or persecute a third party with any kind of message or something similar;

F) Violate or attempt to violate security measures of the Site

H) Use robots or scanning systems to monitor or access files from the site;

I) Modify, copy, reproduce, distribute, delete, store, transmit, sell, resell, publish and any related terms, of the materials and contents present on the site/blog, except with authorization or that are yours;

(j) Pretend to be another person/third party;

(k) to publish any information deemed to be inadequate, incomplete or inaccurate;

L) Provide any false information about you;

M)Adulterate any information, such as email message or header with logo.

5. Sanctions
Without prejudice to the other legally appropriate measures, the website may at any time suspend, cancel or warn the user’s access/account, without notice and without notice, when the user does something that:

(a) That violates the terms contained in that document;

b) that does not respect and breach the obligations of the user;

c) to have any fraudulent, offensive or delusional behaviour towards third parties.

6. Specific responsibilities and uses
In addition to the responsibilities set forth in the terms and conditions of use, you agree to comply with the following clauses:

Use the site only for due and legitimate entertainment purposes, without any de-virtualization of the main purpose;
By submitting a mod you confirm that you are the creator/developer of the mod.
By submitting a mod you authorize the re-upload of the file to our servers